Body contouring, slimming toning, skin tightening, stretch mark improvement and cellulite reduction

TriPollar™ painlessly delivers focused, optimal RF energy to the dermal and subcutaneous fat layers via three or more electrodes.The energy is centered between the electrodes and limited only to the treatment area, leaving the skin’s surface unscathed. This focused delivery improves efficacy and delivers immediate, visible results from the first treatment. The system consumes relatively low power and, as a result, the treatment is painless and pleasant. Clinical studies and histological evidence of Tripollar technology demonstrates a proven increase in collagen regeneration and accelerated fat metabolism.


TriPollar™ is a third generation RF technology, developed by Pollogen.






  • Tripollar technology with Regen xl device delivers duel energy simultaneously to target tissues.
  • The rise in temperature forces fat cells to secrete fatty acids (liquid fat) which is deposed of via the blood and lymph system.
  • The desired result: Fat and Circumference reduction improved cellulite appearance and stretch mark improvement.
  • Treatments are done once a week. The number of treatments depends on the skin’s condition being mild, moderate or sever.


Our new Body Contouring Brochure (pdf): Tripollar Body Contouring Brochure

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