Skin Texture & Fine Lines, Vascular Lesions and Spider Veins, Pigmented Spots and Sun Spots



LHE advantages:

  • Using heat in addition to light makes for better blood circulation and a better absorbency of add on creams.
  • Using heat in addition to light makes all healing mechanisms work faster


“LHE phototherapy has shown an excellent safety profile for skin types I through VI, and consistent results for pigmented and vascular lesions, primarily with reduction of unwanted pigment and improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Gregory Zella, D.O. South Coast Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
Largo, FL


LHE Skin Texture & Fine Lines

Using the LHE technology, we selectively apply short pulses of light and Heat Energy into the dermal-epidermal junction, triggering a wound healing process caused by a controlled injury. During the recovery process, new collagen is produced, leading to structural changes that better support the epidermis, and make the skin look younger and healthier.

A full treatment course generally consists of 3-6 sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart.

Vascular Lesions

The rejuvenation process is completed once the vascular lesion’s oxyhemoglobin chromophore has been selectively coagulated without damaging the surrounding tissue.

A full treatment course generally cosists of 4-8 sessions performed 1 to 2 times per week.

Pigmented Spots

Concentration of Melanocytes in the dermis-epidermis junction is due to sun exposure and leads to pigmentation stains. LHE targets the melanin in these spots. The combined LHE effect increases the temperature to the point of coagulation. Then, the body’s natural healing process removes the lesion, which crusts over and exfoliates within 5-12 days.

A full treatment course generally consists of 2-4 sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart.